Q: Is PropPush free to use?

A: Yes

Q: Does PropPush charge any commission?

A: No

Q: Can I register with multiple roles, say e.g. I am property agent, but same time property owner?

A: Yes, you may select as many roles as you see relevant to your situation and you are free to update these at your profile settings anytime.

Property owner/buyer/renter specifics:

Q: How do I send my property details to property agents?

A: Upon sign-up/sign-in to the service, you may leave information of your available property and/or property that you are looking for with the pre-defined form, which information will then be sent to the related property agents.

Q: What if I have any updates in my registered property details?

A: Upon signing in to your account you are free to modify your property listing information as you wish at your listing dashboard, say e.g. to update the asking price, etc. and you may then push the new updated information to property agents.

Q: What if I want to remove my property requirements from the market?

A: You may unpublish (and publish) your property listings through your listing dashboard and related notifications will be sent to the property agents accordingly.

Property agent specifics:

Q: How do I get the property updates?

A: You can see your alert criteria matching property listings with updates from your listing dashboard. Additionally we send property updates to your email address, if that option is selected within your profile settings.

Q: When do I get the property updates?

A: You will get property updates whenever new listing information that matches with your property listing alert criteria (defined by you under your profile settings) is created.

Q: Will I get direct access to property owners/buyers/renters?

A: Yes. Our listing information includes the contact info to the property owner/buyer/renter and you are free to discuss directly with them any issues related to their property requirements.

Q: Can I specify the property information that is sent to me?

A: Yes. You can define your property push criteria through your profile settings.

Q How many times same property listing information can be sent to me?

A: Property owner/buyer/renter can publish his/her new property listing information to property agents only once, unless he/she will update the listing info later or unpublish the listing.